Our Services

Erosion Control

Erosion Sock

  • 8”, 12”, 18″, and 24″ available
  • Standard 8” skid contains 60m
  • Standard 12” skid contains 35m
  • Custom skids available
  • Each skid includes 25, 2”x2”x24” wood stakes
  • Mobile option available for large jobs

Silt Fence

  • Lighter contractor grade or heavy MTO grade fence
  • Rolls of 100’
  • Rolls sold individually, by the half or full skid

Wood Stakes

  • 2”x2” wood stakes
    • 24”, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72” lengths available

Custom Grinding / Land Clearing

  • Fully mobile Rotochopper MC266 horizontal grinder
    • Excellent for land clearing, municipal leaf and yard waste, and grinding wood waste from manufacturing facilities.
    • Equipped with two magnetic belts to remove metal from grindings
    • Built in colourizer enables mulch to be coloured on site
  • We work with Green Acres Forestry who has land clearing equipment capable of clearing land from 1 acre and up.
  • Trucking of the grindings from the jobsite is available

Landscape Mulch

  • Landscape mulch
    • As the regions only wholesale producer of landscape mulch, Eco Mulch works exclusively with local landscape supply stores and contractors.
    • Natural mulches made from renewable wood sourced within 200km of our headquarters.
    • Highest quality, food grade, organic colourant that is safe for you, your garden and the environment
    • Black, Red, Brown and natural
    • Custom colours available on request
  • Dog Park and Hiking Trail Mulch
    • Made from clean, locally sourced wood
    • No dirt, stumps, branches, weeds or leaves
    • Ground to a coarser size to create a tighter, more stable weave that is easier to walk on
    • Accessibility testing available for this product

  • Playground mulch
    • Certified CSA Z614-2014, ASTFM F2075, ASTM F1292-17a
      • GMAX and HIC results less than 50% of the CSA threshold
    • Accessibility testing available for this product
  • Utility mulch
    • Made from land clearing jobs that includes the grindings from stumps
    • Used for construction applications and where a lower grade, non-coloured mulch that has some dirt content can be applied affectively

Wood Waste Diversion

  • Eco Mulch is offering an innovative program that will offer savings to local industry, reduce wood waste from landfills and create a high grade, 100% recycled coloured wood mulch for landscaping
  • This wood waste diversion program will divert tons of wood waste from waste facilities
  • Three main products will be made from this recycled wood:
    • Coloured mulch (black, red, brown)
    • Utility mulch
    • Biofuels for the greenhouse industry
  • Currently only available to local businesses, this innovative program will divert tons of wood waste from landfills.

Custom Bagging

  • Eco Mulch has a portable Rotochopper Bagger 250.
    • Capable of bagging up to 300 bags of mulch, sand, soil and stone per hour
    • Can fill various sized bags and seal plastic bags
    • Bagging can be completed at both at Eco Mulch headquarters and shipped via pallets or on site
  • Eco Mulch will be selling 56L bags of coloured mulch, both from virgin wood and recycled wood.

Orders available by the skid